DeliveRecon 101

– 101 –


Professional trucker Mac Driver has been a tanker truck driver with XYZShipping for 15 years. He is taking a well deserved vacation with his family for the first time in some years.


XYZ received an order this morning from an important client that needed to be filled immediately. This client is what XYZ likes to refer to as “particular”. Mac Driver has been making this customer’s run for XYZShipping for years. The customer likes, knows, and trusts Mac to get the job done right and on time. 


That cannot be stressed enough. Mac Driver is who the customer likes and trusts, not XYZShipping. This customer has fired shippers at the drop of a hat. They have expectations that Mac has filled for years to the benefit of XYZ. 


XYZ has just one driver available to go in Mac’s place.  Jane T. Rucker is an experienced driver, but she is new to XYZ having joined the fleet just weeks before.


Luckily, XYZ has equipped their fleet with DeliveRecon and incentivized their drivers to use the mobile app through a rewards program which truly motivates friendly competition. XYZ has integrated the app into their training procedures. Jane has been trained with the use of DeliveRecon since day one with the company and, although she is the newest member of the XYZ fleet, she is already among the DeliveRecon points leaders.


Before she leaves on any run, Jane checks the customer’s info on DeliveRecon. In the Location/Details tab. She will find up to date load information and required PPE so she will be prepared for anything when she arrives.

When she nears the customer’s destination she can find them quickly by searching nearby customer locations with a tap of the screen. She has access to photos of the sight which Mac Driver has uploaded and labelled clearly. Mac left notes explaining check in and weigh in procedures. He left photos of the scales and tanks. Jane knew where to pull over and prepare for check in. She had the proper gear with her and the necessary paperwork ready.  

Long story short, because she had the benefit of DeliveRecon, Jane was able to serve the customer seamlessly to their satisfaction. XYZShipping has solidified its relationship with the customer and they have an enthusiastic new team member who feels ready to take on any job because she knows she has the help she needs when and where she needs it…in the palm of her hand.


DeliveRecon was developed to save fleets time by saving truckers time. In our industry, time is money. We all operate under the same rules, and are fighting the same clock with the same equipment. One fleet beats another solely on its professionals. Those are the men and women who are running the routes every day. They know the rules and the roads and most importantly, the customers. Your fleet has decades of knowledge and experience. Retain and share that knowledge among your drivers. Share DeliveRecon with your fleet because saving them time saves you time.  And we know what that means in this industry….



But it’s so much more….




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