The Knowledge Share App Every Fleet Needs!



As a carrier, we needed to get everyone on the same page.

Throughout the day, our drivers and dispatchers serve hundreds of customers across the country–accurate, timely communication is crucial to getting the job done efficiently and safely.

We found that our drivers were in the best position to provide the most up-to-date details at each location (way more detailed and accurate than the outdated info in our home office TMS).


Having the right information would have avoided a huge headache…

…and a significant financial loss. One of our drivers had a rollover. If the driver had known which of the three driveways to use for the delivery, we would have avoided:

• A major insurance claim
• Loss of the vehicle
• Spill fine
• Loss of customer confidence
• Frustrated employees


DeliveRecon keeps your fleet in the know.

Drivers are empowered via our simple smartphone app to share critical details (as they encounter it) every day at each of our customer’s sites. Dispatchers approve the changes before they are available fleet-wide.

Click each of the features below to see a screenshot in the app!

Quick Location Access Pull up your delivery locations within a specified radius.
A more comprehensive picture of delivery locations Access a list of company customer locations. Selecting a location will pull up all the current data stored in the company’s secure database.
Empower the driver to change bad or outdated info Drivers input new information to replace or add outdated or missing information. Text, audio, photos, video...moderated by the dispatcher.
Always have the right equipment ready Safety is key...drivers input/update safety equipment (PPE) requirements...never get caught without your chemical suit!
Scan Documents and Report Incidents Use your phone to scan and doc-type receipts and upload to the cloud for billing. Document information quickly at the scene of an incident.

Mobile document scanning from the phone

  • Increase cash flow
  • Quickly tag/index each document type
  • Batch upload and recall of documents
  • Simple email delivery or server integration
  • NO per scan fee
  • UNLIMITED SCANS per month for a low monthly price


On-the-road scene incident reporting with photo-capture

  • More accurate data entry at point of occurrence means key information is less likely to be forgotten
  • Timely photo record delivery
  • Accident investigation can begin immediately after occurrence