What if every driver in your fleet always knew the critical details about each location they deliver to

…and had the power to update that information as they encounter any new scenarios throughout their delivery routes:

  • Broken docks
  • Updated access codes
  • New contact persons and/or phone numbers
  • Unmarked streets and/or temporary routing info (ie. under construction)
  • Equipment requirement changes
  • Specific drop-off point changes
  • Updated safety requirements
  • Safe truck parking

What if every driver in your fleet could ask every other driver in your fleet for help instantly?

…eliminate unknowns and put the power of collaborative knowledge sharing in each driver’s hands.

We empower EVERY DELIVERY DRIVER to have a VITAL ROLE in TRAINING EVERY OTHER DRIVER as they LEARN & SHARE critical details during the course of each shipment.

Comprehensive Location Knowledge Provided
by the People Who Have the Most Accurate,
Timely Information
… Your Drivers.

Making their jobs easier means less turnover, higher on-the-job satisfaction and happier customers.

Sharing that intelligence in realtime with ALL your drivers from a centralized app: empowering them, everyday to have a positive impact on your company and it’s ability to serve your customers.

Minimize hassle, maximize delivery efficiency and prevent accident claims due to inaccurate information.

  • comprehensive location data lookup
  • e-Logs (coming 2018)
  • document scanning
  • on-the-road scene accident reporting with photo-capture
  • PPE safety requirements
  • location favorites for quick access
  • voice data entry
  • audio/video log entry
  • collaborative driver assist
  • vehicle inspection report (coming 2018)
ALL the latest, critical information a driver needs for every location easily accessible from a single app…and the ability to quickly suggest updated/corrected information right at the point of delivery, at the time it’s most accurate.
  • critical location and contact info
  • comprehensive load and delivery information means more efficient, safer deliveries
An actual note from driver in field using DeliveRecon:
“Go into Gate B and jump onto the scale after you talk to the guard. Check in at the build on the right of the scale. After check in go to stop sign and turn right between the tracks, do. Do not completely cross the tracks as Westway is between the tracks.”

Mobile Document Scanning from the Field
  • Increase cash flow
  • Quickly tag each document type
  • Batch upload and recall of documents
  • Simple email delivery or server integration

On-the-Road Scene Accident Reporting with Photo-Capture
  • More accurate data entry at point of occurrence means key information is less likely to be forgotten
  • Timely photo record delivery
  • Accident investigation can begin immediately after occurrence


Lead with the carrot, not the stick.

Built-in reward point system will incentivize your fleet to provide the most accurate, up-to-date delivery intelligence available ensuring you have the best data possible.
The data your drivers input will grow a more robust picture of who your customer is and how best you can serve them everyday…all securely stored in your own proprietary database and available fleet-wide.

“The value of having this information available fleet-wide and easily accessible…
I’m not sure you can put a number on it!”

–J. Schmidt, Liquid Trucking Companies