DeliveRecon topic at national symposium

Tech, communication improve the driver experience

Jason Cannon, CCJ | @By_Jason_Cannon | May 8, 2019

Communication is powerful but isn’t always easy between drivers and co-workers who may be thousands of miles apart or seldom see one another.

A panel assembled at the CCJ Spring Symposium Wednesday, May 7 in Birmingham, Ala., discussed how technology has enabled richer and more meaningful levels of information sharing and improved the driver experience.

Liquid Trucking Human Resources Director Jason Eisenman notes that when drivers retire – he says the average age at his carrier is 52 years old – they take all their institutional knowledge with them.

In 2014, management identified a communications gap with drivers and partnered with Stay Metrics to implement Driver Satisfaction Surveys.

A year later the carrier debuted DeliveRecon, an app that allows drivers to share knowledge – including wash and parking locations and tips about receivers – with 200 editable fields, creating a simple hub for drivers to communicate and access everything from one place. Essentially, Eisenman says the app was designed to capture and redistribute all the information that previously walked out the door with the driver.

“We’re letting the drivers essentially train one another,” he says.

Drivers earn points through the platform for sharing tips or uploading information, which can include anything from directions to a facility, photos of the receiver or off-loading tips.

Since debuting the platform and implementing some of the feedback from driver surveys, Eisenman says Liquid Trucking has seen a 46 percent drop in accident/incident reduction, a 24 percent increase in weekly average truck revenue and after four years since implementing the app, turnover has dropped from 68 percent to 24 percent.


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