DeliveRecon featured in Transport Topics for Tech Innovation

Reimagining Trucking

Carriers Seek New Ideas to Improve Freight Transport

At Liquid Trucking Cos. in Plattsmouth, Neb., Jason Eisenman came up with the idea of using the driver’s mobile phone to record details about locations where they are picking up or delivering bulk agricultural, food grade and hazmat product in tank trailers.

That kind of “delivery reconnaissance” proved to be an invaluable tool for drivers and for the home office. In 2016, Eisenman, director of human resources at Liquid Trucking, formed Epic Ideas to develop a commercial enterprise version of the company’s mobile app called DeliveRecon.

“The interactive mobile app has electrified the work experience for our drivers and accelerated on-the-job training,” Eisenman explained. “Our new drivers are able to hit the ground running. The app also gives us higher levels of customer service, safety, efficiency and cash flow.”

As these three examples illustrate, companies are getting employees at all levels involved in the process of innovation.

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